Washing and preserve the Ao Dai clothing properly

Washing and preserve the Ao Dai clothing

Ao dai or the tunic is an outfit that perhaps every Vietnamese woman has to cherish and preserve carefully. For those who have to use Ao Dai every day, laundry will take some time because the Ao Dai fabric is fragile and difficult to wash. So today we would like to give some small tips on how to washing and preserve the Ao Dai clothing properly.

You should wash your Ao Dai soon after wearing it. Especially if the material is silk, the sooner you wash, the better you could preserve. To remove the spots on your Ao Dai, you can use lemon or vinegar. Absolutely do not use the bleach because it will make the fabric become damaged and quickly lost the color.


Washing and preserve the Ao Dai clothing by washing machine

The recommended way to wash Ao Dai is by hand. If you have to use the washing machine, you should select the power detergent with a weak acid ratio. You need to wrap the Ao dai and put it in your own laundry bag and choose the lightest wash mode (or hand wash mode)

Drying and preservation the Ao Dai is also an important step. For the Ao Dai made by silk, you should expose under the shade and dry place. Try not to hang it under direct sunlight.

Other kinds of fabric should be exposed in the open places with the sunny enough to dry during the day.

For those who do not regularly wear Ao Dai. You should fold it into a paper bag to avoid the dusty and keep you Ao Dai always smooth.

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