Amazing Discoveries About Vietnam Gac Fruit

Vietnam Gac Fruit

Vietnam Gac Fruit is very famous on the world. The extract product from Gac has been used widely as the functional food or cosmetic. Today we will carry out more information about this amazing tropical fruit from Vietnam

What is the Vietnam Gac Fruit plant

Gac is a popular tree, widely distributed throughout Vietnam. This tree is easy to grow and contains many nutrients that are beneficial for the human health.

Gac is a herbaceous plant of the family Moria, whose scientific name is Momordica Cochinchinensis. Leaves smooth, light yellow flowers, fruits in a round shape, turn out orange color when ripening.

There are two types of Gac, one called Gac Nep which is less glutinous stems, large fruits, and another called Gac Te which is smaller fruit and more thorns.


How to grow Vietnam Gac Fruit

Gac can be grown by the seeds or from the strings. This is a perennial tree. In the late winter, the trees die and at the end of spring, the tree sprouts into new buds. The season from June to the next February.

In Vietnam, gac is grown everywhere. Trees can live on many types of soil, from good to bad soils and grow very quickly in the rainy season.

Gac tree prefers moisture and sunshine. In the north of Vietnam, gac is usually grown around February to March. In the South, gac is planted at the beginning of the rainy season.

Gac Oil Products

Gac fruit contains many healthy nutrients. It has high levels of Vitamins, Lycopene and Beta Carotene, about 10-20 times more than in Carrots and Tomatoes. Gac is used mainly for functional food and medicine. It supports the reduction of dry eye, helps strengthen eyesight, increase brain development in children and elderly.

There is the most famous Gac oil extract product named Vinaga in Vietnam. This company has four Gac products: Pure Gac Oil extract, Gac Oil with 5% DHA which good for children and elderly, Gac Oil big capsules for the Adults, Gac Oil G8 Organic for food and culinary.

This is the commonly about Vietnam Gac Fruit, the amazing tropical tree which the scientists called the Fruit from the Heaven. If you have a chance to visit Vietnam, please do not forget to bring back some Gac fruit products for your use or for your friends.

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